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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Babywearing: More than just convenient!

I purchased my first baby carrier long before I discovered Attachment Parenting.  Admittedly, it was out of complete frustration that I was unable to put my baby down to do ANYTHING.  He mostly flat out refused to be set down for the first three months of his life.  As much as it would be great to cuddle all day...there are things that just plain need to get done!  Hearing good things about Hotslings, I purchased the first one I found that resembled it.  It was a Jelly Bean pouch sling by Munchkin.

My first attempt at getting him in it ended up with both of us crying.  After a couple hours of much needed sleep we tried again...and it was magic!  My fussy baby transformed into an easy going, happy little peanut before my very eyes.  Not to mention...the heaping piles of laundry and dishes were GONE!  Why didn't I do this sooner?!
It's pretty apparent that babywearing is convenient for mamas (and Dads!).  It's also incredibly beneficial for babies!  Here are just a few wonderful things babywearing does for babies:
  • It provides an optimal learning environment.  Babies in carriers spend more time in a quiet state of alertness.  They are at the adult's level (not way down on the floor or in a stroller).  They hear more, see more, and feel more a part of the world!
  • It comforts them.  It creates an environment really similar to the womb...rythmic motions, mom's heartbeat, swaddle-like feeling.  Several studies show that children who were "worn" grow up to be more confident and secure adults!
  • It allows them to experience new situations while feeling safe against Mom or Dad, and keeps them physically safe!
  • It can actually reduce SIDS.  The reasoning is too complicated for me to explain, you can read about it here  :)
  • Promotes healthy, healthy attachment that is SO important for their future!
There are MANY different kinds of carriers...ring slings, pouches, soft structured front carriers, back packs, mei teis, wraps, and more.  I have limited experience with many of these, but check out The Babywearer for TONS of great info! 

My (current) carrier of choice is the Ergo.  It is a soft structured carrier that can be worn on the front or back. Happy babywearing!

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