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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cloth Diapering - My Gateway Drug

I don't know what it is about cloth diapering...but it has completely changed my (our) thoughts/feelings/actions on so many things.  It has been my gateway to green!  When we switched to cloth wipes, Charlie said - "this is it.  We're going off the grid, aren't we?"  We have a LONG way to go, but here are a few changes we have already made in our home:

  • cloth diapers
  • using a clothes line
  • cloth wipes
  • home made wipe solution
  • canvas grocery bags
  • energy-efficient light bulbs
  • natural laundry detergent
  • breastfeeding
  • stainless steel water bottles
  • cloth napkins
  • programmed thermostat 
  • transitioned to commercial green cleaners 
  • recycle most everything
  • donate unwanted items

     Some changes we are in the process of researching or planning on making in the near future:
    • switching to natural make-up
    • making our own baby food
    • making our own cleaning products
    • decreasing processed food intake
    • buying locally
    • making a compost pile
    • mama cloth
    • organic lawn care

      Some changes we "should" make, but are unable/unwilling to do at this time:
      • eliminating processed food intake
      • driving hybrid cars
      • becoming vegetarian 
      • decreasing water usage
      • family cloth

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