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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ear Infections

J-man has cold symptoms, a low-grade fever,  is crying on/off frequently, and frantically pulling at his ears.  Not cool!  Project of the day: research natural remedies for ear infections.  We really don't want to do antibiotics if possible.  We also don't want little man to be in a lot of pain or rupture his ear drums. 

According to Dr. Sears, "new research is suggesting that 80% of uncomplicated ear infections will resolve within 4 to 7 days without antibiotics."

I'm going to share a few other bits of info I got from our beloved book... "Smart Medicine For a Healthier Child, 2nd Edition."  I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book!  It has conventional, natural, and homeopathic treatments for just about everything.  You can get it here

This book reiterates "many experts now question the necessity of using any antibiotics for treating an uncomplicated ear infection.  In fact, some think that using antibiotics sets the stage for the development of resistant bacteria, which can lead to recurrent infections that are resistant to standard antibiotics."

For herbal treatments, the book recommends Echinacea and goldenseal herbal combination formual, garlic, or mullein oil (a traditional Native American remedy).  We are going to try garlic...because it sounds the least intimidating.

Garlic is a natural antibacterial.  You can give your child an oral supplement (pill form or dissolved in something) or heat a fresh garlic clove in olive oil and put the warm drops directly into the child's ear.

We also plan to try some massage techniques.  "Massaging your child's ear can help keep the eustachian tube open.  Using gentle pressure, draw a line along the back of the ear and down the back of the jawbone.  Gently push and release the flap of skin in front of the ear several times.  You can also massage your child's ear by placing the fleshy part of your palm, just below your thumb, over your child's ear and rotating the ear in all directions."

Wish us luck! 

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  1. Good luck! I'm glad you're starting this young!

    When I was young, I got ear infection after ear infection and the antibiotics did nothing to keep them away. Finally my parents did more research and gave up on the antibiotics (I was 7 or 8 at that point). They started putting just warm olive oil in my ear(s) at the first sign of pain. I spent many nights with olive oiled cotton balls in my ears, but pretty soon I started fighting off the infections and by the time I was 9 or 10 I had had my last ear infection for a looong time.

    The next time I had one, I was 22 years old and was physically exhausted from finally completing my bachelor's degree--sickness was inevitable simply because of the "crash" after that kind of accomplishment. :) That one did take antibiotics to clear up (I did try the oil), but it was definitely a complicated ear infection.

    I hope that J-man responds just as successfully as I did!