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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mama & Maker Review and GIVEAWAY! **CLOSED

I was very excited to work with Mama & Maker, a wonderful WAHM.  I had the opportunity to try out an AI2 diaper.  First, a little info about the product reviewed:

Her AI2s are sized, side snapping dipes with a snap-in soaker.  The soakers are extra long so that they can be folded over for extra absorbency in the wetzone.  The soaker is made from 2 layers of zorb II (each Zorb II layer is equal to 2 layers microfiber).  Zorb II is regular Zorb sandwiched/quilted between two layers of soft cotton/bamboo.

Although the fabrics have been prewashed, I washed the diaper three times before trying it out to make sure it was fully prepped/absorbent.  We don't own any side snapping diapers, and I was amazed at how trim fitting it was!  It seemed like it was custom made for little man.  You can see from this picture how trim it is:
 The double row of snaps prevents wing drooping, and there are four spots to snap so you can get the perfect fit for your little one.

I folded the super quilty soft soaker so there was extra absorbency in the front (since he's a boy). He played and played and played (he is one BUSY boy), and we had absolutely no leaking. Woohoo!

 He fell asleep nursing, and ended up sleeping for close to THREE HOURS with the dipe on!  I am extremely paranoid about which diapers he wears to sleep, so normally I would not let him sleep in a diaper we are just trying out.  Much to my surprise he woke up completely dry!  Holy absorbency, batman!

Aside from having leak proof, trim fitting diapers...her fabric choices are terrific.  Check out this Cat in the Hat this cute or what?!

You can see other fabrics here.  I have my eye on the Superman one! now you probably want one for yourself.  You can buy one at her shop, or win one here! 

How to win:

1) Follow my blog and "like" Mama and Maker on Facebook AND

2) Comment (once) here with A) a comment related to the review, B) what have your eye on at Mama and Maker's shop, or B) your current favorite cloth diaper/combination

Giveway will close on Wednesday, April 13th at 12pm.  One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a FREE sized side snapping AI2.  Woot woot!  Winner will be announced here and on facebook, and the winner will have 24 hours to respond.  Good luck!

ADDED 4/13:
Congratulations, #10 An O!!  Please contact Mama and Maker at to claim your prize :) 

Fine print: I was not compensated in any way for writing this review, besides the diaper itself.  The opinions expressed on this review are my own.


  1. Following your blog & "liked" Mama & Maker on FB! I LOVE her owl fabric choices - I want them all!!!!!

  2. Her dipes Rock! I have 2 (Superman & Batman) but I've been debating a custom with the Construction fabric.

    I usually just use her's right out of the mailbox! No leaks or wicking for us.

    My go to dipes right now are AI2's; either WAHM, or just using a gFlapper in a cover.

  3. I followed too (both your blog and the FB page)! Very cute diapers!

    I've been curious about side-snapping diapers, I haven't tried one yet (granted our LO is only 4 weeks old, but still!)

    I know my fiance would LOVE the seuss one! I also really like the very hungry caterpillar! I'm also curious about the wool that's listed on her shop, and I'd love to see samples!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading stories about trying new dipes! I'm a new cd'in mama and so far have only tried Sunbaby's. I really wanna branch out to different kinds but have had the finances to. I'm saving up for my stash though!!! I really love Mama's Seuss print! I love Seuss! :)

  5. I would love the owl print!!!

  6. Followed you and liked her on facebook! :)

    I for one have my eye on the batman print (the squared shots of batman), but also love the monster madness and the construction trucks! I have a boy, can you tell???

    Your review on the diaper was helpful to me, I can't say I have any diaper/cloth combinations that are my favorite considering I have never once seen a diaper in person...just online (though I just purchased my first ever off the bbc diaper swap board YAY!)

    I love that there is an extra long absorbancy so it can be folded over for extra absorbancy. I need that for my little man. That's awesome that your LO stayed completely dry for a 3 hour nap!

    I've always been kinda leary of the side snaps, just because i haven't really seen a lot of them, and the ones i've seen were just the diaper and didn't look as cute to me, but seeing it on your lo...sooo precious! And it does look very trim!

    Oh and btw, LOVE love LOOOOOVE the cat and the hat dipe :)

    oh, and can I just say that she's even COOLER bc she's doing a give away...that really helps out someone like me who 1)doesn't have a lot of money and 2) doesn't have a supply.

    I've actually not told anyone in my family that I was starting to buy cloth diapers (though they may suspect when they see all the fb sites i've liked having to do with CDing lol!) bc I was soooo gun-ho about it when I was pregnant, and I got SOOO much flak from not only my family, but from my son's old pediatrician too (she's no longer my pediatrician) was really I've decided now (my son is almost 3 months) that I don't care what people say, I'm gonna do cloth diapers whether they give me hell about it or not.

  7. I really like her owl print!! I hope I get to win one of her diapers to try them out!!

  8. Thanks for the review and giveaway. I really like her john deere tractor print!

  9. I follow you via GFC & liked them on facebook. I love the construction truck print!

    christina.crabtree at hotmail dot com

  10. Hey Ann!
    I'm "officially" following your blog now! I liked Mama & Maker on Facebook. That's awesome that he slept that long without a leak and it does fit him very nicely. I have my eye on the cow print (my husband's aunt is obsessed with cows, she would get a kick out of that) & Dr. Suess print. I'm expecting my first little one late May so can't say that I have a favorite cloth diaper...I would like to try prefolds with covers for the newborn stage though. Thanks Ann for all your tips on cloth diapering...if it wasn't for you & your husband I don't know if I would have considered trying:)

    anwin60 at hotmail dot com

  11. Follow your blog via GFC! and Liked you on Facebook (Nomie Oesau)

    I like how the your busy boy like my busy children, had no leaks!! That was my main fear! I'm new to CD so I have no diea where to start!

    I like the Medium Sized Side Snapping AI2 (Argyle)!!

    I'm not exactly sure what i want to try since I am VERY new to this! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  12. I followed you and liked her on fb. I really love her boy print options! I've never tried a wahm diaper but I really want to.

  13. I already follow your blog & liked Mama & Maker on FB. I love all of those true boy prints including but not limited to the tractors, monsters, aliens, superman, trucks, etc :)

    My stash is 100% pockets, so an AI2 would be a nice way to branch out!

  14. Following you blog and now a fan of Mama & Maker on FB.
    I have found that AI2s are my all-time favorite diaper and side-snapping especially, but its hard to find cute prints! She has one of the few HK prints that have not found their way to my house! <3

  15. Following you and already liked Mama & Maker on Facebook! I am obsessed with argyle and love the bright argyle she has on HC :)

  16. It keeps eating my comment!
    I have never heard of the Zorb II fabric. It sounds like the perfect type of fabric to increase the absorbancy in a diaper and make it trim.
    I like her cupcake fabric. It would go with alot of my daughters shirts. I like shirts over onesies so I can show off her fluff butt.
    Right now, I have only ever tried prefolds/covers and pockets. I'm not a huge fan of stuffing the pockets so I use the prefolds. I would love to try side-snapping and an AI2.

  17. I like the Doctor Seuss diaper!